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Destination wedding couples are happier!

Destination Weddings: Where Love Meets Adventure and Bliss

Have you ever wondered why couples who opt for destination weddings seem to radiate pure joy and contentment? At Chelax Adventures, we've noticed a sparkling trend: those who tie the knot in a dreamy location often share an unmistakable glow of happiness. It's not just about saying "I do" in a picturesque setting; it's about embarking on a marital journey that starts with an extraordinary adventure.

Destination weddings are Chelax Approved! Here's a photo from ours!

Why Couples Choose Destination Weddings

Destination weddings are not just ceremonies; they're experiences - magnificent ones, at that. I say this from experience having been a destination wedding bride myself. Family and friends are often super excited to share the couple's very first marital adventure together, and they get to branch off, do their own thing, and explore a new and beautiful place all while celebrating their loved ones. It's a win-win for everyone – especially the happy couple!

Here's why couples are choosing to jet off to say their vows:

  • Quality Time Beyond Measure: What sets destination weddings apart is the blissful luxury of time — quality time spent with your closest ones, turning what's traditionally a whirlwind day into an extended, memorable celebration.

  • Unique and Memorable: Forget the cookie-cutter weddings! Each destination wedding is as unique as the couple themselves, providing a backdrop that turns the big day into a legendary tale.

  • Simplified Planning: You might not expect it, but here's a little secret: planning a wedding abroad can be simpler. Thanks to all-inclusive resorts that specialize in weddings and other events, everything from the venue to the catering, and even the decor, can be part of a package. This makes decisions a breeze!

  • Incredible Value: Destination wedding couples have the option to combine their wedding and honeymoon all in one trip. Factor in the group discounts offered by many resorts, and you'll soon realize destination weddings can lead to significant savings without skimping on the luxury.

  • Authentic Experiences: Saying “I do” in a different country or culture allows couples to incorporate local customs and traditions, making the ceremony all the more special and authentic. You can even specifically choose a destination where the traditions speak to you for an extra special ceremony!

Lifelong Bonds and Memories

At the core of a destination wedding is the chance to truly connect. Imagine not just a day, but days leading up to your ceremony spent lounging, exploring, and celebrating with your guests. This extended time transforms your wedding into an intimate experience, focusing on what's truly important — the love shared between you and your partner, enveloped by those you cherish most.

Nothing brings families and friends together like a wedding, but even more so in destination weddings. Witnessing your friends and family from various chapters of your life bond and create lasting friendships among themselves is such an amazing thing. When both you and your spouse's people travel together, they create memories that last a lifetime. A destination wedding is not just a day's event. It's an adventure that brings everyone closer in unforgettable ways. The memories and bonds will be treasured long after the celebration ends!

The Unparalleled Joy of a Wedding Abroad

Imagine exchanging vows with the love of your life, with lapping waves, sprawling landscapes, or even ancient ruins as your witness. Picture your most cherished people there, not just for the day but for a heartwarming vacay together. This is what destination weddings offer - an immersive, epic start to your marital journey, hallmarked by a destination that truly speaks to you and your spouse's personalities.

The All-Inclusive Ease

Many couples want a destination wedding but fear that planning will become a logistical nightmare. We know it may sound crazy, but it's usually the opposite: destination weddings, especially at all-inclusive resorts, are designed to eliminate such stress. These resorts are seasoned veterans in celebrations, especially weddings, and they ensure every detail, from the bouquet to the dinner menu, reflects your personal taste, all within a stress-free package.

A Unity Like No Other

Destination weddings have a magical way of weaving families together. The shared experiences, from exploring new terrains to witnessing your love declarations, foster deeper connections, turning relatives and friends into a tightly-knit tribe by the end of the trip.

The Surprising Affordability

Far from the expensive affair, you might be imagining, destination weddings can offer more bang for your buck. The combination of wedding and honeymoon, along with the perks of group travel, can often lead to a more luxuriously affordable experience compared to traditional weddings with extensive guest lists.

At Chelax Adventures, we believe in the power of love and travel. A destination wedding is more than a ceremony; it's the beginning of a lifetime of adventures. Let us help you embark on this joyous journey with ease, making your love story a global celebration. Love knows no bounds, and with Chelax Adventures, neither does your wedding. We've explored the world to find the very best destinations and accommodations for you. Here are some of our favorites for weddings!

Our Favorite Resorts for Your Dream Destination Wedding

When it comes to selecting the perfect backdrop for your destination wedding, Chelax Adventures has our own beloved go-tos. Let’s dive into the charm of each, highlighting why they could be the dream setting for your special day.

Sandals and Beaches Resorts

Imagine a wedding where the Caribbean's crystal waters and powdery white sands are your guests of honor. Sandals and Beaches Resorts elevate romantic getaways into a realm where luxury meets paradise. Known for their adults-only (Sandals) and family-friendly (Beaches) locales, they offer customizable wedding packages that cater uniquely to your love story, ensuring your day is as seamless as it is spectacular. They also have unique ceremony locations from an Over-The-Water Serenity Chapel and Over-The-Water Gazebo to a Sky Terrace or Off Shore Island!

Psst – here's a great deal: Wedding couples receive a COMPLIMENTARY WEDDING PACKAGE ($1000 USD VALUE) for up to 10 people when booking a stay of 7 nights or longer in a Club or Butler suite category*.

Hard Rock All Inclusive Hotels

Ready to rock your vows in style? The Hard Rock All Inclusive Hotels turn up the volume on wedding celebrations, offering vibrant, music-themed weddings for those who dream of a less traditional, more exhilarating “I do.” With venues stretching from the blue vistas of Mexico to the enchanting shores of the Dominican Republic, these hotels promise a blend of luxury and excitement, perfect for couples looking to infuse their big day with a touch of the extraordinary.

Psst – here's a great deal: The more guests you have, the more perks you get – from a free cocktail hour to the whole event!

Dreams & Secrets Resorts

For those who envision their wedding day shrouded in sophistication and allure, Dreams & Secrets Resorts stand out. Dreams Resorts cater to families and couples alike, offering a tranquil elegance and activities for guests of all ages, while Secrets Resorts provide an extra layer of romance with their adults-only policy. Both boast exquisite beachfront locations, gourmet dining, and the renowned Unlimited-Luxury® experience, where almost every amenity is included. There's a perfect wedding package for every couple and endless ways to design it. Their professionalism and dedication to crafting bespoke weddings make every moment feel exclusively yours.

At Chelax Adventures, we're passionate about creating weddings that are as unique as the love stories they celebrate. Whether you’re drawn to the laid-back luxury of Sandals, the rock ‘n’ roll vibes of Hard Rock, or the elegant charm of Dreams & Secrets, we're here to ensure your destination wedding is nothing short of magical. Let us guide you in selecting the resort that resonates with your love, and help you perfect each fairy-tale detail for your big day. Click here to get in touch!

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